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Precious Agho - Your School of Computing and Digital Media & School of Art, Architecture and Design

Hi! I am Precious.
I studied Media, Communications and Journalism. I chose to attend the London Met, because of the diverse community (especially being a mature student) I felt I fitted in.

What do I do?
My role encompasses me having to attend Committee meetings, leading campaigns, planning activities and most importantly ensuring that students stay at the heart of everything we do here at the SU.

Why did I run?
For starters, I stood as an officer because I wanted to represent my peers and London Met as a university within the community. I’m also passionate about the impact activities have on students' experience and building long-lasting relationships.
Secondly, to promote the student's voice and also to bridge the gap between staff and students when it comes to communication on what really matters to students.

What are your plans for the year?
One of my main remits this academic term is to really work on strengthening the community here at London Met which is at the heart of most discussions. My aim is to work closely with various departments in order to achieve a better outcome for our students whether academically or socially.