Students' Union President

Chrystalle Margallo - Your President

Hi! I am Chrystalle.
 I studied Diplomacy and International Relations. My interest in the subject was sparked by my passion for social justice, being a part of both the BAME and LGBTQIA+ community, my life experiences have made me so passionate in delivering this to our students at London Met.

What do I do?
As your President, it is my duty to make sure your voices are heard and contribute to the decisions the University take especially in unprecedented times. I also hold the Education remit, which means I am part of committees within the University that helps shape your studies and student experience.

Why did I run?
I ran to be your President because during my first year as a sabbatical officer I became so passionate about the student experience and the delivery of it. I was a student and I know how hard it is to have so many responsibilities and do my studies on top of it. Therefore, it became important to me to be a part of that march of progress towards a better and more sustainable student experience for the London Met student body.

What are your plans for the year?
This year, I am continuously working in collaboration with the University in ensuring your studies are well supported during the current pandemic and numerous lockdowns we have had.
For example, this included the policy I put forward for your mitigating circumstance granting you self certification rights maximum twice a year use with a 5-day extension and also consulting on the delivery of your study in every review of the current pandemic climate.

Furthermore, I am also a part of the QAA Strategic Advisory Committee, where we consult on various quality processes that concerns all Universities within the UK.
Lastly but not least, I aim to continuously help the new officers with their aims and encourage new leaders to follow our footsteps