Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design

Jessica Hoarau

Hey, my name is Jessica and I was elected to represent you as a Full Time Officer for the School of Art, Architecture and Design. 

As an officer I am here to represent all students views and provide a platform for students to have their voices heard. I aim to promote participation within the Union, including sports, societies and Verve Media, ensuring that all students have the best student experience.  I have a duty to create a happy, healthy, diverse and comfortable environment for all students.
As an officer I am here to bridge the gap of communication between students, lecturers and the Union. I aim to ensure that all students are aware of any changes that are happening, particularly those changes associated with the One Campus One Community. 
I aim to create a variety of projects throughout the year that benefit the students and I am open to any suggestions that would promote participation within the Union.
I look forward to working with the students throughout the year ensuring that their time at university is made as memorable as mine was! 


Twitter: @JessicaMetSU

Phone: 0207 133 4171


Jessica Hoarau