Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design

Georgia Robinson

Hello, my name is Georgia. I am a recent graduate of Fine Art and was elected to represent you all at The Cass, which includes Fine Art, Architecture and Design. As a recent graduate I understand and have first-hand knowledge of the many difficulties students face on a daily basis.

I am hoping to bring new dialogue between academics, university and students. The complexity of communication on all levels amongst us often causes unnecessary misunderstandings which often leads to confusion and sometimes despair. I am concerned and hope to bridge that gap by offering myself as a source of information and whatever I don’t know and understand, we will find out together.     

In keeping with the theme of the Bauhaus, including all level and disciplines. I plan to organise exhibitions, pop-ups, meet and greets, mini flea markets and any other projects that you can think of, with the aim of including all students to gain experience in participating, engaging, to create a communication of understanding your university and all the benefits it offers.

Pertaining to Policies, my aim is to inform students about government cuts and any university decisions that may concern or impact students. I will engage in lobbying on your behalf and promise to be the bridge of communication.



Twitter: @GerogiaMetSU

Phone: 0207 133 4171


Jessica Hoarau