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Nakole Iddirisu


Hi guys. I am now undertaking my second-term as a Sabbatical Officer and my priorities for this year are to focus on: 

Working with BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) initiatives at our university and working to improve our attainment gap 

At London Met, BAME students are 24% less likely to receive a first-class degree than white students. For a university which is made up of 63% BAME students this is not acceptable. According to a recent NUS report from various institutions across the country, the industry attainment gap was found to be an average of 13%. London Met’s attainment gap therefore is much larger than the national average. Clearly a lot of work needs to be done in this area, hence my priority to lead on initiatives to start to close the gap. 


Working with our liberation forum groups (LGBT+, BAME, Women and Disability Forums)
 I would like to focus on working to improve our liberation forums, so they are a place where students can feel able to express their concerns in a safe environment. I want to ensure these students’ voices are heard and that their suggestions are represented to the university to improve the experience at London Met for all individual students. I would like to invite more external speakers to come along to the forums to inspire and share knowledge with our students.  

Supporting GSBL students
Guildhall School of Business and Law (GSBL) students have now moved from Moorgate to Holloway campus. I want to ensure that all students from GSBL have settled in well to their new campus at Holloway. It will be up to me to work with fellow university staff members to raise any concerns you may have as GSBL students and work together to ensure that your experience is as smooth as it can be while you settle in at the Holloway Campus. 

Encourage more students to get involved with the Students’ Union

Whether you are a new or continuing student, I want to make sure that you get engaged and involved in everything that we have available to you this year and let you know what is on offer at the Students’ Union and University. This is your chance to get involved and develop your skills further outside of the classroom. We will go as far as you want to tell me how far do you want to go from here?



Languages spoken: English and Russian

Instagram: @NakoleMetSU

Twitter: @NakoleMetSU

Phone: 0207 133 4174



Nakole Iddirisu