Guildhall School of Business and Law

Nakole Iddirisu

Hi guys, my name is Nakole Iddirisu. I am the Deputy President and the Student Officer elected by you to represent students at the Business and Law School. I am also a recent first class graduate of Aviation Management. So, I believe I know what it takes.

My portfolio for this year is “Education” which means that I will be working on improving your academic experiences during your time at university. My forum for this year is “Disabilities” which means that I will be working with students of all type of disabilities, from learning difficulties, physical disabilities to mental health.  

For this year to be a successful year, my Hub Committee team and I plan to ensure that the Students’ Union door at Moorgate is kept open for you guys for the first time. This will also include: 

- Lecture room visitation at least twice during my term.

- The opportunity to request me to visit your course.

- Support Student Reps on their courses and beyond.

  1. Support students to start up societies, joining the Students’ Union campaigns, joining sports teams and putting on events for students at Moorgate. 

Together we can stand on a united front to push for any change to better your experience at London Metropolitan University. We have a lot to do this year, so come and get involved for a life changing experience. Come and visit us on the third floor at the Moorgate campus for some tea and coffee :)


Languages spoken: English and Russian

Instagram: @NakoleMetSU

Twitter: @NakoleMetSU

Phone: 0207 133 4174




Nakole Iddirisu