Guildhall School of Business and Law (President)

Tunde Toki

Hi Everyone,

This year I will be going in to my second year as a Student Officer. Having previously served as your Student Officer for GSBL, I am now excited to get stuck in to serve as your SU President!

With your help, we achieved so much last year, but the job is not done, as there are a lot we can achieve together.

I ran on a promise of getting in front of students, listening to you, and representing you. I will continue to seek new platforms to gather your views. I will make myself even more accessible than I currently am and that you know who to come to and when.

I shall work hard with the university to provide more guidance/ assistance to vulnerable students experiencing personal, professional and/or academic difficulties. I shall promote the registration of more societies and support their activities to promote active participation by all students involved. I believe that every student of this university has something they can do better; my job will be to encourage all groups/ individuals and be able to harness their capabilities while in school.

I plan to make the students union more student-centric, open and closer to every student irrespective of race, gender, religion and/ or believes. I plan to make the union a hub of ideas where students are free to contribute their opinions in regards to what happens inside and outside of the student union.

Issues affecting students directly at the University will be looked into, such as campaigning for better library and computing/IT facilities in the University, Campaign for KWAF (Keeping Wednesday Afternoon Free) in other to allow for student’s engagement and development with sports and societies, and taking measures to improve facilities and services in the Students’ Union.

As the Student’s Union President, I call on my fellow students to join and engage with the Student’s Union in this endeavour to make the student experience at London Metropolitan University a memorable one.


Whether you just want to ask a question or you want to meet for a coffee and a chat to discuss, just get in touch!


Twitter: @TundeMetSU

Phone: 0207 133 4171


Tunde Toki