Guildhall School of Business and Law & Human Sciences

Matthew JR A. Babb

I represent students as the Full Time Officer for the Guildhall School of Business and Law & Human Sciences.

I study Biochemistry and came to London Met as I wanted to change career interest from Accounting. London Met gave me an opportunity to do that and move to a new country. 

I stood for election because my peers encouraged me to and convinced me that I had enough experience to throw my hat in towards working in amplifying the student voice at our university. I had gotten really involved with university life and things around campus.

I truly believe that when students speak we should listen and decide how to act to improve the quality of life for everyone around campus.

My favorite activity as a student was my participation in the successful 2018 SU Poetry slam, one of my first pet projects. I was glad it turned out so well and it was only because of student involvement. Students signed up to sing and showcase their artistic capabilities as wordsmiths and it turned out to be a really powerful night. We had special guests that capped the event off perfectly. 


Phone: 0207 133 4174



Matt Babb