Guildhall School of Business and Law & Human Sciences

Nakole Iddirisu


Working with our liberation forum groups particularly with the Disability Forum.
I would like to focus on building a platform for the disability forum with our designated Disability Part-time Officer, to ensure that this forum becomes a place where students can express themselves and any of their concerns in a safe environment. I would also like to ensure that students’ voices are heard and that their suggestions are presented to the University accordingly in order to improve the experiences of students with disabilities at London Met. I am also very keen on inviting more external speakers to come along to the forums to inspire and share knowledge with students.  

Supporting GSBL and Human Sciences students.
For the new academic year, I would like to ensure that all students from the School of Business and Law have settled in well to their new campus at Holloway. This year I will also be looking after the school of Human Sciences and I very much look forward to working alongside all new and returning students from both Schools. For this year to be successful, working with fellow University staff members are going to be an integral role, whether it be to raise student concerns or in coming up with solutions to better student experiences in the Business School and the Human Science School. To be successful we have to work together.

Encourage more students to get involved with the Students’ Union

Whether you are a new or continuing student, we want to make sure that you get engaged and are involved in everything that we have available to you this year. This is your chance to get involved and develop your skills further outside of the classroom. We all know how important your degree is, but it is also important to remember that extra-curricular activities and engagement outside of your degree is as important in demonstrating how strong of a candidate you are. So get involved, get engaged and bring something different that only you can bring to the table. 



Languages spoken: English and Russian

Instagram: @NakoleMetSU

Twitter: @NakoleMetSU

Phone: 0207 133 4174



Nakole Iddirisu