School of Social Sciences & Social Professions

Cynthia Edo - Your School of Social Sciences and Social Professions Full Time Officer

Hi! I am Cynthia.
I studied Youth Studies. I am from Dagenham and I love to work out, listen to music and travel.

What do I do?
My role is to advocate for students, challenge the universities on services they provide for students in order to ensure students are having the best experiences within the uni life. Ensuring students have a voice and are the forefront of uni and SU decisions. Attend meetings to ensure there are student representatives at the meetings.

Why did I run?
I ran because I  wanted to advocate for students and improve the awarding gap for BAME students.

What are your plans for the year?
This year, I want to work on improving the wellbeing services for students, work on the actions that uni is doing to tackle on awarding gaps, engage more students to improve the interactions and awareness students have with SU.