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Denise Morrison

Denise Morrison - Your School of Social Sciences and Social Professions Full Time Officer

Tell us a bit about you
Hi there, I am Denise Morrison, a wife and a mother. I started my education journey in 2016 at Londonmet. I did my undergraduate degree in Education and Social Policy. I graduated in 2018 with a 2.1 BA (Hon) classification .In 2019 I started the Masters programme in Health Social Care Management and Policy. Due to Covid-19 pandemic,I will be graduating in 2021.

Just to give you a little background of myself, I was born in Jamaica and came to live in the UK in 2002 to support my husband with his studies. I decided to further my education in 2009. I first started my education journey at another university, studying primary teaching. After 2 years at that university, I decided to study something else. In 2011 I chose Londonmet University to complete my studies. Therefore, started the enrolment process, to my shock and surprised ,I was told that I was not classified as a home student any more. I told the enrolment officer there must be some mistake, I explained to him , I was attending another university from 2009 and I was classified as a home student then. I was very upset and confused, I was told by the enrolment officer, because of the new immigration rule I was no long classified as a home student. What this simple means is, I would no longer get a student loan to pay my school fees. I was devastated and upset about the situation, I cried. I had to put my education on hold because I did not have the funds to pay for my education. I told myself, as soon as my circumstances change I would complete my education. My circumstances changed in 2016, I was able to enrolled as a home student.

The point to this story is, I did not give up on myself. Even though it took me 5 years to actually complete my studies, I persevered. London Metropolitan University gave me the opportunity to fulfil my dreams and realise my true potential.


What is your role?

*My role is to represent the students in the University in the best way possible.
*To advocate change, diversity and inclusion.
*To listen to students concerns and acted on it.
*To work with students and the university, so that students can get the help and support they need while studying.
* As well as, enjoying their time at Londonmet.

Why did you run for your position?
I ran for the position because, as a student Rep, I had gained, first hand experience of the challenges that some students go through while studying at Londonmet. As well as, reflecting upon my own experience as an undergraduate, postgraduate student, secretary of Mums@ Uni society and more recently, a resident representative of the Strategy and Policy group of my housing association.

These positions revealed the concerns of my community and I wanted to do something about it. By listening, acting upon these concerns, and being proactive in providing solutions, facilitated me in deciding to run for the position as a Student Union Officer. I wanted to continue to create change for the betterment of the people in my community. I am very passionate about helping people in away possible and seeing people achieve their best, is my goal.

What are you working on this year?
I am working with the University to improve the curriculum. So that the attainment gap of Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students in receiving good degree classification, will eventually improve.

*To influence students' identities and cultures being represented in the curriculum.

*Championing critical pedagogy-teaching and learning methods reflecting diversity and inclusion in culture, beliefs and religion.

*Influencing more partnerships and collaboration with top organisations to guarantee work experience and internships.

* Working with the University to encourage mature students back into university, to complete their studies.


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