School of Social Sciences

Stephanie Steadman


Hi all,

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to allow your voice to be heard about what kind of experience you want at uni!

After volunteering for to represent the School of Social Sciences and Social professions for two years I have been given the opportunity to become a part-time officer for this school. This allows me to spend more time to get to know what students and staff need to get a better service at university. Through speaking to people at uni I identified three areas to tackle whilst working here:

Greater support, better campus and resource access and happy classes! This will be achieved by working with all involved to find solutions to issues, be creative with events and group activities and work closely with full-time staff to provide sustainable policies that create the best chance for us all to succeed!

Examples of this include independent research of the attainment gap at LMU, sitting on decision making boards to voice students view and chase actions to ensure things progress, individual support to encourage us all to achieve, organising events that students want and need and much more...

We cannot fix all the challenges faced by the university but we aim to put students’ needs first in all the solutions we fight for!


If you are in the School of Social Sciences and Professions or just need a chat about ideas or issues please contact me or one of the team to get a better idea of what options you have.



Stephanie Steadman