Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct includes plagiarism, collusion and any form of cheating. The penalties for these range from a reprimand and mark on your student record to expulsion and a lower award.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that work you submit as your own, IS YOUR OWN!



Isolated use of quotes without the use of quotation marks and referencing

What that means is using someone else’s thought, idea or quote without giving them credit – which is THEFT!



Possession of crib sheets, revision notes (including, for example, those held on digital devices) or accessing the internet in contravention of the examination rubric

What that means is using revision notes or your phone or copying another student’s work or taking a textbook with you when you do an exam



Using another student’s work and submitting some or all of it as if it was your work

What that means is letting your friend copy from you or copying from them or submitting someone else’s work instead of your work – even if it happens by mistake!


What can I do if I have been accused of Academic Misconduct?

Once you have been formally notified of an allegation against you, please contact the MetSU reception to make an appointment to see us.

Make sure to bring any correspondence you have received about this allegation with you to the appointment.

At the appointment we will discuss the allegation and what further action you should take.


Should you have any difficulties or questions not covered here please email and we will reply as soon as possible.