Problems with your course

What can I do if I am having problems with my course? / I am stressed and am struggling to keep up with my studies?

You may find that once you start your course, it is not really what you expected or that you feel the pressure is too much. Talk to your PAT, Module Tutor or Course Leader about the problems you are having, as they may be able to help to see if the issues can be resolved. Working out what the problem is will help you decide what to do next.

Think your situation through fully before you take any action. There are a number of support services that may be able to help you such as CELT for study support or Student Services for issues to do with Accommodation, Finances, Funding/debt, Mental Health, Disabilities and Dyslexia, Volunteering, Careers and employment advice. You may also need to consult an International Student Advisor for any visa issues.  

If you are thinking of leaving due to problems not directly related to your course (eg illness, homesickness, or financial problems) you should definitely contact Student Services to explore the possibility of other solutions.


Don’t rush into making a decision to leave.

If you do decide to leave your course, then before you leave you should speak to a Financial Advisor and the Accommodation Bureau in Student Services for advice about the implications for your student funding and housing.

If you are at University on a visa then you must speak to an International Student Advisor at the International Office.

Once you have considered all of this and still want to leave you should contact your Faculty to ask how to formally withdraw and you must also inform Student Finance England and the Student Loans Company.

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I want to take time off from my studies

It’s important that you talk to someone as soon as possible. University staff will try to support you though your course if they are aware that there are problems. If you can, talk to your tutor or Course Leader and PAA/PAT.  Normally your Faculty will have to agree to you taking time out so you will normally be expected to provide some evidence of the reason for your request.

If you don’t feel ready for this, talk the issues through in a confidential interview with a Counsellor or SU Casework Advisor who can help you negotiate the best way forward.

You should consult Student Services for advice about the implications for your student funding, housing contract, and to work out how you will support yourself financially during your time out. You will need to speak to your Faculty to formally temporarily withdraw you and you must also inform Student Finance England.

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Should you have any difficulties or questions not covered here please email and we will reply as soon as possible.