Our Top Tips for Staying Ahead at University

Make sure you’re aware of your deadlines

Knowing when your work is due or when you have exams makes your workload so much easier to plan and deal with.


Check your e-mails!

This is the University’s main channel of communication with you, so turn on your notifications so you don’t miss anything important!


Know who the main contacts in your department are

It’ll make dealing with any problems you have that much easier if you know who is there to help you.


If you’re getting in touch with an Advisor, make sure you know what you want

Familiarise yourself with the University regulations and the options that are available to you, so we can advise you as effectively as possible – we can’t help you if we don’t know what you want!


Evidence is key!

f you’re experiencing problems with your personal life or at University, gathering appropriate evidence to substantiate any claims you may be making is the smart thing to do. This could be a letter from a GP or counsellor, for example.


Don’t be afraid to speak up and talk about your problems!

Speaking about your issues when they’re happening can prevent them from developing into something worse. The University has a range of wellbeing and support services that you can access, so don’t be afraid to do so!


Be pro-active about your studies

If you know you have an assignment due, don’t be leaving it until the last minute, just in case something goes wrong. If you know that your tutor will be away, ask them your burning questions before they leave! Think ahead, and plan accordingly!