Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct
It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that the work you submit is YOUR OWN.


Academic misconduct can relate to both coursework or examination, whether written, oral or practical. 

The penalties range from a reprimand and mark on your student record to expulsion and a lower award.


You could be penalised for:

  • Plagiarism: copying from authors, not using quotation marks or taking sections from other people’s work and altering it to make it look like your own.

  • Self-Plagiarism: when you use, in a second assignment, parts of an assignment you submitted earlier in the course.

  • Cheating: possession of or gaining access to revision notes or course materials, digital or paper copies, or accessing the internet when under exam conditions.

  • Collusion: using another student’s work as if it was your work, or allowing your work to be copied.

  • Attempting to gain an unfair advantage: paying someone to do your work or falsifying data.



What to do if accused of Academic Misconduct?

Once formally notified, please email our Caseworker on 

Make sure to email all correspondence you have received about this allegation and any supporting evidence you may have.

This will allow the caseworkers to discuss the allegation and options available to you and it can be done via email or a telephone call.