Exams: You've got this

Exams can be a stressful time, but our Advice Service has practical advice to help you through it and support if things aren't going to plan.
This page is here to give you tips around Revisions and Exams, we hope you find it helpful.

Revision Calendars

This year, to support you in your revisions, Met SU has created two revision calendars which you can download below and then fill it either from your laptop or by printing it.
We have created two calendars to ensure we support students no matter how they like to revise, so pick your favourite (revising by dividing it by modules or by hours).
To download it, simply click on the calendar you want.


Revision Tips

You've probably heard all of those before, but we thought we would remind you of some great Revision Tips.

You can download our Revision Calendars above.
Get moving by joining one of the many fitness classes that the University put on, find out more here.
Make sure to eat healthy: for inspiration, have a look at the University's Catering Company recipes

Assessment Tips


Study Hub: Study Skills

Need help with your studying skills?
Studying at University does not come naturally: whilst you want to work hard and do well, you may not know how to make the most of your efforts. We will introduce you to key aspects of studying at University – from making notes to managing your time – from critical thinking to producing your dissertation: information and advice plus places to go and things to do and reflect upon. Head over to the University's Study Hub to access all those great resources.
Link: https://learning.londonmet.ac.uk/studyhub/

Mitigating Circumstances

The Mitigating Circumstances/Self-certification process is designed to assist students who have been affected by mitigating circumstances during their studies. 
The deadline for the submission of a claim for Mitigating Circumstances/Self -certification is two weeks from the published submission date of the component concerned or the date of the examination, practical, presentation, etc. 
You are, however, encouraged to submit a claim as soon as practicable.

Link: https://student.londonmet.ac.uk/your-studies/student-administration/rules-and-regulations/mitigating-circumstances/