Termination of Student Status


There are three main reasons why student status maybe terminated:

  1. Poor academic performance.
  2. Low or non-attendance.
  3. Termination or failure of a placement which means you can no longer continue in your course.

Once you have received official notification of your termination, you will have up to 10 working days to respond to it. All students have the right to make an appeal to the Student Casework Office, but there are only certain grounds that you can base your appeal on.

These are:

  • You had Mitigating Circumstances that affected your performance.
  • You had Mitigating Circumstances that affected your attendance.
  • The University or Faculty did not correctly follow regulations and this has led to a decision resulting in the Termination.


How to Appeal

Appeals against Termination of Student Status need to be made on the correct form. Please download the form from here.

You are welcome to send us your draft statement for feedback by emailing advocacy.su@londonmet.ac.uk

You will also need to type a statement in the form of a letter or timeline (we recommend using Word) which describes the difficulties you have experienced and the consequences of those - particularly in relation to your studies. We recommend typing your statement because there is often not enough space on the form and also because it is much easier to read than handwriting.

Attach your statement and evidence to your form and submit it to your Hub.

Below are some tips for you to keep in mind when you are writing your statement:

  • Be as precise about dates as possible.
  • Document all the steps you have taken to rectify matters - in your studies and personal life.
  • Document the consequences of a termination on your studies and personal circumstances.
  • Supply any original documentation you have to verify that you do not owe the University any fees.
  • Supply original evidence that proves what you have mentioned in your letter.
  • If you are not able to give an original piece of evidence, explain why you are providing a copy.
  • Include any correspondence that you have had with your Faculty, particularly if you have Faculty or Tutor/Course Leader support.
  • Make sure to sign and date the letter and give your student ID number.


If you have been terminated for poor academic performance then your statement needs to focus on the academic year as a whole but specifically on what was wrong at the assessment periods.

Explain why you didn’t submit your coursework or sit your exams. If you didn’t make use of the Mitigating Circumstances or Exceptional Coursework Extension Process, or get help from your Academic Mentor or Course Leader, then you need to explain why you didn’t make use of these options.

If you have been terminated for low or non-attendance then your statement needs to particularly focus on what prevented you from attending and why you didn't contact the University or Faculty about it. Explain why you didn’t make use of requesting an authorised absence or intermit. If you did communicate why you have been absent then make sure to provide evidence of this.

If you have been terminated due to the failure or termination of a placement then your statement needs to particularly focus on the regulations or procedures you believe were not followed correctly, which has led to the failure or termination of your placement. Explain how the Faculty or University’s actions are different to what is stated in the regulations and what impact this has had.


Possible Outcomes of your Appeal

  • The Termination of your Student Status could be revoked.
  • You could be asked to provide more information and evidence before a decision can be made.
  • The University might set some conditions that you must meet before your termination can be revoked.
  • The Termination of your Student Status could be confirmed.


The Student Casework Office aims to respond to students within 6 weeks of the outcome.

Individual cases with additional complications or evidence requirements may take longer, and will be assessed individually.


Should you have any difficulties or questions not covered here please email advocacy.su@londonmet.ac.uk and we will reply as soon as possible.