Green Impact

What is Green Impact?  

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme. Students’ Unions compete to gain either a Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation, by completing as many actions listed in the Green Impact workbooks as possible.

London Met’s Objective

Green Impact challenges you to implement a number of practical actions that will help the environment. The objective is to encourage and reward students, staff members, and the university to action environmental improvements. Every effort counts in saving our future!

Last year we achieved the Silver Award and this year we are aiming for Gold.

Click here to read London Met Students' Union's Environmental Impact Assessment

Click here to read London Met Students' Union Action Plan for Green Impact


How you can get involved?

There are many ways to get involved.  The easiest would be by participating in our events and telling your colleagues about them. You could join or create a sustainability working group and help the Student’s Union to organise campaigns and events. You can also share with us your own ideas to make our University more sustainable and we will help you bring them to life.


Find out more about sustainability at the university:


Student Zone
Sustainability at London Metropolitan University

Main contacts:

Tunde Toki

The Guildhall School of Business and Law Officer


T: 0207 133 3222


Sustainability Projects Assistant


T: 0207 133 3976



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