Stop the fee hike

London Met - Stop the fee hike! - Join the campaign 

We are outraged that the university management here at London Metropolitan University has decided to increase tuition fees starting in September 2017, across all courses and levels, ranging from 1.7% to 5.3% increase.

London Metropolitan University Students’ Union is demanding that the university immediately scrap this fee hike with immediate effect. 

We are calling upon all students at London Met to join our campaign.

Sign the petition here and spread the word, tell your classmates and friends to join us and have their say. 

London Metropolitan University prides itself on offering education to those from low income backgrounds. Our London Met student body is incredibly diverse with majority women students and a majority of students being of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean decent. But our proud tradition here at London Met is under threat, as rising fees are increasingly pricing the poorest and less privileged out of education.    

Students are already graduating with tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt - a further increase in tuition fees will simply put us in even more debt. We believe that education should be free and the university’s tuition fees hike takes London Met in the opposite direction that we need to be going in. 

As well as signing the petition you and join the Students’ Union in spreading the word on campus through our Education and Engagement week of action. 

If you’d like to volunteer to help us campaign please sign up here.