Why Should I Run?

Nominate yourself

Full-time officers only

  • Full-time paid role for one year 
  • A salary of around £23,000 a year
  • It’s a grad job like no other, the experience you gain will set you up incredibly well for the future
  • You get the opportunity to be a trustee of the union, an opportunity most people don’t have until they’re much older
  • 27 days holiday plus the University’s closure days 
  • Flexible working arrangements and access to support such as an employee assistance scheme, coaching and mentoring
  • Opportunity to take a leading role in an organisation with levels of decision-making and responsibility it will most likely take you years to active in your chosen careers 

Part-time liberation officers only

  • The opportunity to represent the rights of students from underrepresented and marginalised groups
  • The chance to ensure that the students union and the University takes the views and needs of the students you represent into account
  • Funding and support to undertake projects and campaigns to support your student groups

All officers

  • You get the opportunity to make real change happen within the University and SU
  • There’s no interview, the successful candidate is the person who can convince the most people that they’d be the best officer
  • You get training and support to help carry out your role and deliver your goals
  • The chance to make a real difference to the lives of current and future students at LondonMet
  • An amazing opportunity to lead a large organisation with a membership of over 10,000 students
  • Exceptional work experience that will be invaluable for any future career
  • References for job applications and a recommendation on LinkedIn
  • A chance to develop your skills in areas such as project management, planning, running campaigns and advocacy
  • Working with a team of passionate and friendly people in a progressive organisation that lives by its values 
  • The chance to represent the views, interests and needs of students and to make sure they are part of shaping their experience at London Met

NUS delegates

The chance to:

  • Scrutinise the current work of the National Union of Students (NUS) and their elected officers 
  • Set the direction of the NUS, its policy and campaigns
  • Elect future leaders of the NUS
  • An opportunity to attend a conference with hundreds of other students from all over the country
  • Represent London Met on the national stage 
  • Get to meet Student activists from all over the UK