Q. How do I become a member of the Students' Union?

A. You become a member of the Students' Union as soon as you enrol at the university, unless you opt out.

Q. Where do I find the Students' Union?

A. The Students' Union are on all campuses. You can find us in TMG-75 in the Tower Building at Holloway, in MG3-15 at Moorgate and in CMG-30 in Aldgate.

Q. How do I contact the Students' Union?

A. You can find all our contact details here.

Q. I want to get involved with the Students' Union. What can I do?

A. We have all sorts of ways you can get involved from playing sports and joining societies or getting involved in our media empire to represeting your fellow students on your course, joining the Student Council or standing for election as a sabbatical officer.

Q. What is a sabbatical officer?

A. A sabbatical officer is a student who is elected by other students to represent them across the university. Students who are sabbatical officers usually stand for election in their final year of study and take office as a full time job for a year when they finish studying, however you can stand for election as a sabbatical officer after your first or second year. If elected you would take a year off from studying to be a sabbatical officer and return to your studies after your term in office ended.

Q. Who are the current sabbatical officers?

A. You can find out about our current sabbatical officer team here.

Q. I heard the Students' Union is responsible for approving my TfL Student Oyster card, is that right?

A. The Students' Union used to do the approval for this, however from July 2017 the university has taken over this approval process. You can find out how to apply for your Oyster card and who to contact in the university for approvals here.

Q. Can I get an NUS Extra discount card from the Students' Union?

A. You sure can. You can find out the ways to get the card and the costs here.

Q. I need some academic advice. Can the Students' Union help?

A. The Students' Union provide independent academic advice on a range of subjects (available here). We can also represent you at misconducnt hearings or at other meetings with the university.

Q. I heard the Students' Union moved to a new building at Holloway. Is that correct?

A. Yes, that's right. We've moved to the Harglenis building (where Admissions used to be). You can read all about it here.