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Looking for Student Volunteers to run a Society to tackle Food Poverty

We are looking for students to establish and lead a society that aims to help and support those who struggle with day to day food needs.

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Are you looking for a volunteering opportunity that could have a significant impact in someone’s life? Have you ever thought of leading a society that focuses on helping students in need?

At London Met Students’ Union, we are always looking to provide meaningful, fulfilling and life-changing volunteering opportunities to students. Whether that be running a Mental Health campaign, leading a society that focuses on human rights or being a student rep to voice concerns of their peers - volunteering is at the very heart of what we do as a Students’ Union. 

We are proudly led by students and for students. The student community is at its very best when students come together to help and support each other, specially those who go through challenging battles in life. 

London Met’s student body is very diverse, and it’s important to recognise our demographic of students are from variety of socio-economic backgrounds. Being a university that is based in such a multicultural, diverse and expensive city like London, it would be wrong to assume that every student is the same and that everyone has the same privileges. That means that more than likely, there are students who go through harsher conditions in life, including food poverty. 

It is the purpose of the Students’ Union to ensure that every student gets the support they need. We believe that it all starts with something as simple as a society that focuses on tackling food poverty, by running a food bank.

We are looking for students to establish and lead a society that aims to help and support those who struggle with day to day food needs. Those leading the society will be in charge of planning activities, events and essentially running a stall with a food bank for students in need. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, whether that be to lead the society or be involved as a volunteer, please contact our Student Activities Coordinator for more information - .


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