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Ditch The Label

London Met SU Ditch The Label

Hello, we are Ditch the Label one of the UK'S largest, driven and innovative anti bullying charity. We believe bullying is a learnt behaviour and we will not cease until it's over.

1 in 2 people aged between 13-25 experience bullying each year, this has a detrimental effect on their grades as they begin to decline, and 1 in 3 self-harm and the majority of people who are bullied blame themselves for being the problem. Annually 2.5 million teenagers in the UK experience bullying each year and 50% of those would be too scared or embarrassed to tell anyone.


Our aim as Ditch the Label society is to raise funds and the profile through various fun and engaging activities that go towards providing online support through our outlets and partnerships with social networking sites and online gaming sites as publishing research papers and strive to encourage society to think about bullying from a different perspective.