Games, Tabletop, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society


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A London Met society for students to play the games they enjoy, discover new games, meet new people, and explore London and its many conventions.

If you're interested in console, pc, and tabletop games, comic conventions and other pop culture conventions, and want to meet other students to group up and play with, this is the group for you!

Some of the events we plan on:

  • SMASH and mario cart, and other game tournaments in London Mets big auditoriums, on their big screens
  • comic con, lego con, and all manner of other pop culture cons
  • cosplay groups for those cons for interested members
  • tabletop gaming days once a month or so: board games from cluedo to niche games, card games, D&D, and all manner of tabletop games
  • group movie nights- for example to go see the upcoming marvel movies, etc.

(unless otherwise stated events happening on campus will be held somewhere at London Mets Holloway location. students form all London Met campuses are welcome!)

Our yearly society fee is 5 pounds (which you easily get back through society event savings!)
you MUST have paid this amount through the student union to be considered a member and officially join events. if you have any questions, contact the Society's president, shes here to help!