University isn't just for studying, and we want to help you make the most of your time here at London Met! So, if you have an interest or passion that you're keen to develop, why not start your own society? Starting your own society can be great for...


Adding value to your CV

Showing that you were involved in activities outside of your degree will be a huge plus for your future employers!

Making new friends

Who doesn't love meeting new people and making friends? Societies are a great place to meet like-minded people.

Gaining new skills

University is all about developing yourself, so why not get involved with a society and develop a skill you never knew you had?

Developing your confidence 

Confidence is key to being successful, and getting involved in a society can greatly improve your confidence inside and outside of University.


You never know who you'll bump into at a society event. Use societies as an opportunity to meet influential people who could be helpful in achieving your goals! 

Allowing you to give back to the community

The local community is so important at University. Why not help give back to it in some way?

Gaining recognition for your efforts

If you're involved in a society, this will appear on your degree transcript! 

and most importantly...

Having fun! 

From September 2018, joining a society is FREE.

Societies Forum

If starting your own society sounds like a good idea, read on for information on how to get going!

We know you don't like filling out forms (neither do we to be honest!) but sometimes we all have to do it. If you want to start a new society, continue with one from last year, book a stall or a room, have a guest speaker or ask us for some cash then you'll need to fill out one of the forms below...

New Societies

Before registering a new society, please make sure the society doesn't already exist on the main societies page.

To start a new society please fill out the following information pack and return it to the Students' Union office at Holloway campus

New Society Information Pack

Society Handbook 2018-19

The Students' Union will contact you when your society has been approved.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


-President: The role of a society president is to enable the society to run at full capacity. The president acts as a chair, and should be at every event or meeting. They are the person who is in charge of the society. 

-Treasurer: The society treasurer is the person who is ultimately responsible for keeping records of funding and expenses. All purchases and funding requests should be put forward by this person.

-Secretary: The secretary is the person who is in charge of scheduling room bookings and external speakers. This person acts in a key admin role for the society.

Society Accreditation Scheme

To find out more about the Society Accreditation Scheme and how the Union can support your group, have a look here! 

Continuing Societies

Continuing societies are required to fill out the following information pack every year in order to continue. Please fill this out and return it to the Students' Union office at Holloway campus.

Continuing Society Form

Other Forms