Varsity Timetable

Time of activity and where Sport
Tuesday 6pm in the Science Centre Mixed Volleyball
Tuesday 7pm in the Rocket Quiz
Tuesday 8pm at Saracens ARFC Men’s Rugby
Tuesday 8pm in the Rocket Fifa 17
Tuesday 8:30pm in the Science Centre Netball
Wednesday 12pm at Douglas Eyre SC Mens Football 2
Wednesday 12pm in Science Centre (continues at 2pm in Benwell Gym) Mixed Badminton
Wednesday 1pm at Douglas Eyre Womens Football
Wednesday 2pm at Douglas Eyre SC Mens Football 3
Wednesday 2pm at Finsbury Park Women’s Rugby
Wednesday 2pm in the Science Centre Indoor Cricket
Wednesday 3pm at Douglas Eyre SC Mens Football 1
Wednesday 4pm in the Benwell Road Gym Table Tennis
Wednesday 4pm in the Science Centre Futsal
Wednesday 5pm in the Tower Building Tower Run
Wednesday 5:30pm in Benwell Road Gym Netball 2
Wednesday 6pm in Science Centre Womens Basketball
Wednesday 6pm in the Rocket Chess
Wednesday 6pm in the Rocket Pool
Wednesday 6pm in the Rocket Texas Hold Em
Wednesday 8pm in Science Centre Mens Basketball


What is a Varsity?

A Varsity is a sports match against a University over a number of activities and sports. Our Varsity is called "24 in 24" as its 24 different activities over 24 hours.

When and where is Varsity taking place?

The Varsity is taking place on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd February and we are hosts. Therefore all activities will take place across our Holloway campus and local sport venues.


Who are we competing against?

In London Met's first ever Varsity we will be competing against SOAS (School of Orienatl and African Studies).

How does the Varsity work ?

London Met as hosts will organise the logistics for 24 activities to take place across a 24 hour period. Each activity earns the winner one Varsity point. The winner is the first team to collect 13 Varsity points.

Who is eligible to play? 

Any current student or member of staff are eligible for selection for any of the sports and activities. Its all completely FREE and everyone involved will get a FREE Varsity T shirt.

Why should I take part?

We are all proud to be London Met and this a unique opportunity to use sport and activities to show ourselves united. We need your support to play, take part and we hope this is a great addition to your experiences as a student AND staff.

Where can I get more information?

All information can be found on the London Met SU website or you can visit TMG75 and speak to the sport team.

Keep yourself up to date with all of Varsity 2017 through social media and please get in touch if you want to be part of sport London Met style!!!