Activity of the Month Nominations

Submit your nomination for Activity of the Month today!

Activity of the Month is an award given out to Societies and Sports Clubs who have hosted an exceptional activity, that fits in with the vision and values of London Met Students' Union, and represents the best of Student Activities.

The deadline to complete a nomination for Activity of the Month for April will be midnight on Thursday the 27 of May. The winners will be announced on Friday 11 of June by the Executive Officer Team. 

Getting to know you

What's your name? 

What's your Student ID number? 

Which Society are you from? 

Your Nomination

What was your event, what did you do, and what was the experience of those who attended?
You stand a better chance if you provide a clear description of your activities, and indicate the clear benefit for those who attended. It doesn't matter how many people came, it matters what they got out of the event. 

How did the event aim to bring together types of students from across London Met? 

We're interested to know how you advertised the event and made it open to a wide range of people. We're also interested if your event tried to attract people who don't normally engage with your Society - like students on different courses, mature students, or lgbtq+/bame/women/students with a disability?


What did your committee do to prepare for the event? 

We're want to know how your committee delivered the event; how did you go about organising it, what steps did you take to make sure it was a success?

Before you submit...
You will only be considered for Activity of the Month if your event has been published on the website. For a quick and easy guide on how to do this, please watch our short tutorial here.


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