Student Council

The Student Council is the main representative body of the Students’ Union. It is made up of up to 89 students who represent a number of constituencies from across the University. The Student Council is there to discuss and debate issues which are of interest or concerns to students. It provides recommendations to the Trustees of the Students’ Union and offers direction to sabbatical officers and hub committees and holds them to account. It can raise its concerns to and be consulted by the University.

For full details on the role of the Student Council see bye-law 3 and part 4 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, part of the SU’s governing documents.  


Student Council meeting dates for 2017: 

Student Council meeting 15: Wed 9th November 2016

Student Council meeting 16: Wed 7th December 2016

Student Council meeting 17: Wed 18th January 2017

Student Council meeting 18: Wed 15th February 2017 (cancelled) 

Student Council meeting 19: Wed 15th March 2017

all meetings 4.00-6.00pm

Any questions contact

Student Council minutes 2016-17

To access minutes of Student council meetings you must log in. Click top-right hand corner. 


How do I join the Student Council?

Directly elected members - Up to 10 students can be directly elected to the Student Council via the annual election which take place during the previous March. The directly elected members for 2015-16 Student council were elected in March 2015. 

Society officers - There are up to 24 seats on the Student Council for society officers (these are one of the three elected position which societies must have e.g. President, Treasurer etc). These will be elected in the Societies Forums. Society reps are elected by and from all societies present. Society forums take place throughout the academic year. 

Faculty Student Academic Representatives - There are up to 24 seats for Faculty StARs. They are elected by and from all StARs in their faculty during weeks beginning 26th October and 2nd November 2015. Faculty StARs are elected to represent all years including postgraduate with each faculty so to give fair representation. For more information on StARs click here

SU Exec and hub committee members: All elected officers are also Student Council members .They were elected in the annual elections in March 2015. 

If you have any questions or require more information please email Eddie Rowley, Student Council Secretary on 

All Student Council meeting minutes are available on request by student council members (all current students).