Hosted by Marvin Fishley

Wednesdays at 2pm 

Are you looking to vibe with some good inspirational sound? Then look no further!! Just turn your attention to the 'PRAYZ CIRCLE’. 

Looking for uplifting gospel music? Then the PRAYZ CIRCLE will give you that motivation! 

When you’re feeling down, hurt, discouraged and you need some Form of encouragement.

You will not regret listening. 


Your Host, Marvin Fishley is a Jamaican born, former police officer, and now resides in London. He is a devoted Christian who enjoys inspiring, encouraging and motivating people to maximise their full potential no matter the current situation. Marvin is very talented and passionate about touching the lives of individuals in a positive way. Marvin is also a second year Criminology & Law student at London Metropolitan University and a member of the Christian Union Society.