Verve Breakfast Show (kind of)

Hosted by David

Verve Radio Alumni

Verve Breakfast Show (kind of) is a weekly, light hearted show where I, David (the host), talk about anything and everything that is currently on my mind. Mostly about tech, film, TV, politics, music, random bits of facts & many more. During the show there will be plenty of music. Anything from pop, hip-hop, classical, techno, dance, folk, county, R&B, Easy Listening, if you can think of it there is probably a song that I will play for you.

All you have to do is to listen to the music and a guy talk, once a week from 10-12am as you wake up (kind of). And if you want to have a discussion or just a chat or want to appear on my show just Tweet me on @vervebrakefast or @vervemediaLDN