Last updated: 27th of January 2022

Our buildings are now re-opened to the Student body.

As part of our efforts to keep you informed, we've launched a dedicated Coronavirus help page right here on our website. We know the volume of information can be quite overwhelming, so we've created this page to give you access to all the information you need to know.
This page will regularly be updated as things change. 

You can find all the key information about COVID 19 from London Met University, head to their page.


Coming to Campus

Please note that you need to get tested to access campus. You can find all the information here.

The University also highly recommend that everyone wear a mask or face covering while on campus. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation - it's up to all of us to keep our community safe. 

What's open on campus:

You can find out what's open on campus by heading to this page.

What is the University doing to keep you safe? 

The University has a very helpful webpage with all the information about keeping you safe here.


Your Wellbeing

The University is fully committed to ensuring all content delivered online is of the same high quality as students can expect on campus. Our approach to supporting students through these uncertain times is to show compassion, to make sure our courses are accessible, to show resilience, and to ensure that all of our students have an excellent experience. We call these guiding principles our CARE philosophy. We have also put together some further advice for those who have experienced covid-19 related bereavement.

Here are some other useful resources:

ACTO - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Advice – advice for individuals in counselling, or about to start counselling, online or over the phone.

BABCP – Let’s talk about CBT – What can we learn from CBT for health anxiety that might help us with feelings of anxiety during the pandemic? In this Podcast episode Dr Lucy Maddox interviews Dr Jo Daniels from Bath University about things we know are likely to help. Without a doubt, many of us are feeling anxious as we navigate the uncertainty of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Enjoy a free curation of meditations, sleep stories, music and more, all hand-picked to support your mental and emotional wellness through this time.

Down-regulating meditation for fear – short guided meditation, facilitated by Lael Keen of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, on how to self-regulate when experiencing fear - very relevant for all of us in the age of Coronavirus.

Free Psychotherapy Network - The Free Psychotherapy Network are offering online groups for people living in the UK who are isolated during this coronavirus crisis.  The network particularly reaches out to people who have few resources or opportunities for support, conversation and connectedness during this uncertain and frightening time.

MindSET Livestream (Body & Soul) - a live, weekly 45-minute session that helps provide DBT skills to young people in emotional distress. To register for each session, simply fill in the short form using the link above. Anyone registering will be given a link to the next session and links to view recordings of any previous sessions.  Take a look at he first session

ORCHA – is a health app evaluation and advisor organization – on their website they offer free helpful apps to help children and young people with the Coronavirus

Step up (Rethink) – This is a link to an online resource for students, created by students in collaboration with Step Up/Rethink Mental Illness. They have created an interactive "magazine" full of tips on how to cope with the current Covid-19 situation, inspired by CBT techniques and insight into the challenges students can face.

The Help Hub - The Help Hub has been set up to support individuals who find themselves with limited contact due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus. It is led by a group of qualified therapists who are giving their time freely to help people in this situation offering 20-minute chats on Skype, FaceTime or on the telephone.

University Mentoring Organisation (UMO) is a specialist mental health mentoring organisation that the University has worked with to supply our students with specialist mentors. Their staff are highly trained and provide excellent support. On their site Julio Cervantes, an accredited mental health practitioner and specialist mental health mentor explains how you can take care of your mental and emotional health during Covid-19.

WHO (World Health Organization) Coping with Stress guideline – a friendly and brief guide on things to bear in mind during the outbreak

For more information regarding what support the University can offer, have a look at their Wellbeing at London Met webpage.


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Covid 19 Information from the government

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