Student Reps

What are Student Reps?

Every course at London Met should have a Student Rep, students elected by their peers to represent the voice of students on that course. Student Reps are part of course committees and other school committees to represent the views of students and give them a voice in the decision-making process. They take up and act on concerns on behalf of students and provide feedback to the University. They are also a great way for the University and Students' Union to keep students informed and up-to-date on current issues. Their role is to raise academic and related issues on behalf of their course to teaching staff, the school and university. They liaise with coursemates, provide feedback to teaching staff and act as a communication channel between the university and students. To find out more about what Student Reps, their duties, what you have to gain and the new skills to learn please see our

Student Rep recruitment presentation and Student Rep recruitment leaflet and our brand new video..


When and how are they elected? 

Student Reps are elected during the first few weeks of teaching. In Semester one that means in early to mid-October 2020 and for courses which commence in semester two in late January - early February 2021. Your course leader, with the support of the Students' Union, will over see the election of the Student Reps for your course. Speak to your Couse leader as soon as possible!  


Who is my Student Rep?

To view a full list of all current student reps by school and course firstly login to this page (click top right corner) and then click this large red icon to your right 


Student Rep Training 

All student reps need to be trained. To complete our 'on-demand' training please click here. You will need about 45 minutes to complete the training 


Student Rep forums - April 2021

We are holding a series of Student rep forums in w/c 19th and 26th April 2021. At these get-togethers we will be asking reps for their thoughts, suggestions and feedback on the year so far. Discussion about the recent Student Experience Survey and some student rep development work.  

School of Social Professions Student Rep Forum - Mon 19th April 1.00-2.00pm
School of Art, Architecture and Design - Tue 20th April 1.00-2.00pm
School of Social Sciences Student Rep Forum - Wed 21st April 1.00-2.00pm 
School of Computing and Digital Media Student Rep Forum - Thu 22nd April 1.00-2.00pm
School of Human Sciences - Fri 23rd April 2021 1.00-2.00pm
Guildhall School of Business and Law - Mon 26th April 1.00-2.00pm

To access the links to attend these forums please log-in to this website, using your usual username and password, via the top-right hand corner. Then see links below:

Student Rep handbook and other training resources

Student Rep handbook 2020/21 - the essential guide to student representation at London Met 

decision-making flowchart - what to do when students present you with issues 

signposting guide - other uni support services to direct student to 

Training presentation part A - to accompany our 'on demand basic training' and for general info 
Training presentation part B - to accompany our 'on demand basic training' and for general info 


Student Rep Weblearn Organisation 'Student Reps 2020-21' 

Once elected, Student Reps will be enrolled onto our new Student Rep Weblearn Organisation. This will be the main resources for Student Reps and will include student rep contact details, training and other resources, minutes of relevant university committees, training and developmental resources and various discussion forums you can log on to and get involved in the latest discussion and debate and work in partnership with other Reps. 

Eddie Rowley (staff)
Student Voice Coordinator - Engagement & Campaigns

Chrystalle Margallo
Students' Union President