Student Reps

Student Rep Recruitment Video 2021-22 (coming soon) 

What are Student Reps?

Every course at London Met should have a Student Rep, students elected by their peers to represent the voice of students on that course. Student Reps represent thei cohort (the level/year of their course) aroun academic and related issues affecting more than one students. They provide feedback to staff, raise issues on behalf of their cohort, disucss solutions and give students a voice in the decision-making process. For full information on all things Student Rep related please view our Student Rep handbook 2021-22 (coming soon). 

Election of Student Reps for 2020-21

Depending on the course and the cohort (level or year of the course), Student Reps for academic year 2021-22 were either elected in May 2021 or will be elected in October 2021. Cohorts which were 'continuing' in May 2021 for example level 4 (year 1) courses going into level 5 (year 2) are likely to have already elected their reps. New cohorts will elect their reps in October 2021. Your Course Leader will facilitate the election of Student Rep for your cohort. All students should be given the opportunity to stand for the role and the decision reached democratically. 

School Rep Assistants

School Rep Assistants are new for 2021-22 academic year. They are Student Reps main contact point withing the Students' Union. Keep in touch with them, inform them of the feedback you give and the issues you are raising with your teaching staff. Let them knwow if you are experiencing any difficulties or need any further training. School Rep Assistants are current London Met student (and often Student Reps) employed by the Students' Union to support Student Reps. 

School Rep Assistants email addresses (coming soon) 

Who is my Student Rep?

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Student Rep Training 

All student reps need to be trained. Starting in October 2021 we will be rolling out a comprehensive training programme for new reps, a refresher training course for continuing reps an once again our 'advanced' training' for those interested covering subjects like using data, leadership, equity, diversity and inclusion. Details of training dates and times, locations and how to register will appear on this site in late September 2021. 

Student Rep Training - 'on-demand' 

We also offer an 'on-demand' training programme, which Student Reps can complete on-line, when they like and at their own pace. It will be available on this site in late September 2021. The on-demand training programme was launched in 2020 and has received very good feedback from Student Reps. 

Course Committee Meetings (CCMs)

These are meetings organised by your School, rather than the Students' Union. Key stakeholders such as Course Leaders, other academics, library staff and most importantly Student Reps meet to discuss and review the course. They are a time for reps to provide feedback to staff, raise issues and discuss solutions. They are mandatory for Student Reps to attend, i.e. you must attend. Your Course Leader should ensure they are held at a time when you do not have a class. The Students' Union have advised schools to hold these, if at all possible, in early-mid November (semester one) and in mid-late March (semester two). 

Student Rep School-wide Meetings 

The meetings take place in each School once a semester. They are attended by Student Reps, key Students' Union and School staff. The discuss school-wide issues reps may raise and thematic areas of interest. Reps and staff work together to co-develop solutions. They are mandatory for rep to attend, unless you have a class. Full details of Student Rep School-wide meetings will be posted on this site nearer the time. 

22nd November-8th December 2021 - School-wide meetings to take place. 

Student Rep Weblearn Organisation 'Student Reps 2021-22' 

Once elected, Student Reps will be enrolled onto our new Student Rep Weblearn Organisation. This will be the main resources for Student Reps and will include student rep contact details, training and other resources, minutes of relevant university committees, training and developmental resources and various discussion forums you can log on to and get involved in the latest discussion and debate and work in partnership with other Reps. 

Student Rep Resources 2021-22 

Student Rep handbook 2021-22 

Decision-making flow-chart 

Signposting guide

Student Council and other Student Voice activities 

There are 24 seats on the Student Council reserved for Student Reps. We hold monthly Student-Officer Meetings (usually the last Thursday of the month at 4pm) and our Annual Members Meeting, all of which Student Reps are encouraged to attend and get involved in. They are entirely optional though. The Students' Union holds a variety of other activites and events outside of the Student Voice area, check out our homepage for more information. 

Eddie Rowley (staff)
Student Voice Coordinator (Representation and Democracy)

Yasmeen Bashir
Students' Union President