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The Student Council is the main representative body of the Students’ Union and is made up of students who represent a different groups from across the University.


Dear fellow Students,
Dear reader and guest,

Welcome to the London Met Student Council page and your interest in us and how we work to improve our student community to the best possible outcome. I am delighted to have you found our page. But first things first, who am I?

This question is easily answered with my name being Timo Holtappels, a 3rd Year Business Management International Student at GSBL and I have been elected in November 2021 to be the Chair of the Student Council for the academic year of 2021/2022. I have been a member since the academic year of 2020/2021 and served as Deputy-Chair from April 2021 until the conclusion of the previous academic terms Student Council. As Chair, my main role is to call for the meetings the Student Council has, prepare for these and report to the Trustee Board. Along those duties my focus is to increase awareness of our transformational student body, so you, and the majority (if not all) of our grand student community know that we have your academic interest at heart, but further we are ensuring that your elected Students’ Union Officers are being held accountable to their actions and to their election promises, while passing or denying policies to be implemented.

Together, the Deputy-Chair Lucy Li and myself, we ensure that our sessions are being held constructive, fair, respectful, and in accordance with the statutory constitution of the Students' Union and the bye-laws concerning the Student Council.

So what do we as your Student Council do?

As the highest democratically-student-elected-body within the Students' Union and the University we strive to represent our multi-ethnic, diverse, colourful and extraordinary inspirational student community and discuss matters, motions, and policies close to your heart, ensuring that your academic interests are catered for and that services to your overall experience at our University is beneficial and enhances not just your learning, but your social environment in the safest and fairest possible way.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that our bye-laws and rules have been a hindrance to making you aware of what we do, what we are here for and that we exist. Therefore we have launched a reinvention scheme and have been working on improving our transparency, so you know what has been discussed and what is going to be discussed in our meetings.

We hope that with this website we are making a first visible step to be more transparent and reachable.

On this very Student Council page you will find information on how the Student Council is formed, who to contact with your enquiries and who to introduce your very own motions and matters to discuss and possible to bring into the Council.

Yours sincerely,
Timo Holtappels [he/him]
Chair of the Student Council 2021/2022

Student Council Meetings 2022-23: 

The next Student Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday 22nd November 2022 5.00-7.00pm at the Holloway campus (room TBC). The meeting will also be accessible remotely. 


Want to raise a matter for the Student Council to discuss?

Send the Chairs an email to

What is the Student Council?

The Student Council discusses and debates issues which are of interest to students. They can be directly related to London Metropolitan or wider issues which affect students generally. It can discuss any areas of concern, can discuss and make recommendations in terms of Students' Union priorities, policy and campaigns positions to the to the Trustees of the Students’ Union. The Student Council offers direction and holds the Students' Union Executive (Full and Part-time Officers) to account.

It also provides an opportunity for students to share information from their sports club, society, course, school or liberation forum with fellow students. The Student Council is also a great way for students to meet fellow student, make friends and develop their social and networking circles. All students are welcome to attend and speak at Student Council meetings.


Who is the Student Council?

There are a maximum of 66 seats on the student council.

10 seats are being filled in the annual Students Leader’s Election.

4 seats are reserved for the Students’ Union Full-Time Officers and another 4 for the Part-Time Liberation Officers.

24 seats are reserved for Student Reps, based on the student size of each School, and another 24 seats for Student Group representatives equally shared between Societies and Sport Groups.

All Student Council members are enrolled students.


How is the Students Council organised?

The Student Council is organised in accordance with bye-law 3 of the Students' Union's governing documents.


What can I gain from being a Student Council Member?

Getting involved in the Student Council is a great way to contribute to both the Students' Union and the wider London Met student community and you will have a say in how the Students' Union is run and what campaigns to focus on. It is a great way to meet, connect and collaborate with other students and develop transferable skills, such as debating skills, attention to detail, communication, interpersonal skills, networking skills and it will give you first-hand experience in being involved in a democratic, member-led environment.

Furthermore, your membership and contribution to the wider London Metropolitan student community will be recognised on your degree transcript.

Is there training and other help I can receive? 

Yes! We offer training sessions for Student Council Members in the beginning of the academic year. 

Any questions please contact the secretary on  or the chairs on


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Opening Hours

Mondays to Fridays: 10am-5pm

The Students' Union is physically closed for Summer, if you want to contact us please e-mail or leave us an answerphone message on 020 7133 4171. E-mails will be picked up quicker by the team than answerphone messages.