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The London Met disabled students forum is a place where students who self-identify as having a disability can get together to organize themselves, become empowered, and speak up for the needs of disabled students at London Met.

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London Met Students' Union supports the NUS Disabled Students Campaign.


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We want you to join us in our virtual forum, meet each other, and make decisions together. 


If you can't join us at our monthly meetings, you can email your Officer, at with any ideas or concerns you might have.


What support can I get from the University?


The University has a dedicated service called the London Met Disabilities and Dyslexia Service (DDS), which offers advice, information, and support for students with a disability, such as Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD), Dyslexia or dyspraxia; students who are deaf or hard of hearing; students who are blind or partially sighted; students with chronic long-term health conditions; and students with mental health difficulties.


For more information, you can take a look at their website here.



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The Students' Union is physically closed for Summer, if you want to contact us please e-mail or leave us an answerphone message on 020 7133 4171. E-mails will be picked up quicker by the team than answerphone messages.