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We value the environment, biodiversity and  Fair Trade policies here at LondonMet Students` Union. Reducing the carbon footprint has been a priority that we are trying to fulfill together with the LondonMet University. As an award winning university the Student Union is committed to raising awareness and promoting sustainability across the campuses. Our university is already home to bees, ducks, and recently we have welcomed peregrine falcons at the top of the Tower Building. 


Do you feel that you can contribute to this cause? Are you excited about making a difference? Then, why not become a Sustainability Student Representative ( SSR) here at LondonMet?


What is a Sustainable Student Representative (SSR)?

Basically, SSRs are student volunteers who are elected  each year and are willing to participate in campaigning for and raising awareness of sustainability initiatives across six areas at London Metropolitan University and your Student Union. 

Each position lasts for one year.


What are the main responsibilities?

Being a SSR involves 4 main responsibilities;


  1. Raising awareness of sustainability initiatives in the university by coordinating student-led campaigns and promoting best practices such as recycling, energy saving methods, lowering carbon footprint etc.

  2. Working in partnership with the University Sustainability Steering Group in helping to impact and meet green initiatives for London Metropolitan University and the Students’ Union.

  3. Educating your peers about sustainability initiatives at London Met 

  4. Advocating for improvements in policies relating to the environment and other sustainability areas by acting on behalf of the student body and representing students’ best interests


Still reading this? Great, this means that you are keen on making a green impact! 


SSR Positions

Worried where you can fit in? Don't worry! We've got U.

There are 6 different roles that you can choose to volunteer. 

  1. Water, energy and Carbon reduction

  2. Waste reduction

  3. Food

  4. Biodiversity

  5. Ethical procurement

  6. Travel and expenses


What's in for you?

Being an SSR is an excellent opportunity to develop a set of soft skills that will enhance your employability prospects in the future. These includes:

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Communication skills

  • Time management

  • Networking skills

All the students will have this role recorded on their annual transcript. This will provide proof of your participation during the academic year in recognition of your engagement and passion that you have shown.

An initial training which covers the key areas around our sustainability policies and projects will also be provided. All you need is the passion to be included, and we will help you built the knowledge and skills you wish to develop. 

How to get involved

Applications for the SSR roles open at the beginning of September each year. All those interested should complete this form to register their interest.  


Missed the deadline?

Worried because you missed the deadline? We`ve got U! You can still register your interest by completing the same form above and we will get back to you. 


More information:

You can read the full role description for our Sustainability reps here.


London Metropolitan Students’ Union (LMSU) exists to empower students to make the most of their time at London Met and transform their lives for the better. Volunteers are a crucial part of making that happen, and we are committed to providing high quality, well-supported volunteering opportunities that are accessible to all sections of our diverse student body.  For information about how we do this please see our volunteering page on the LMSU website.


Feel free to contact us for any further questions.


Feeling that you can do more?

If you are still interested in sustainability LMSU gives you the opportunity to make the impact you wish to create. Why not join our environmental societies and work with link minded individuals?  You can also start your own society. Find out more on how to start your own society here.


Do you want to propose an idea in regards to sustainability?

Complete this form and we will get back to you.