Your Academic Interests

How does London Met Students' Union (LMSU)  represent your academic interests? 

1. Full and part-time officers

Our team of officers represent students at both school level and on an institution-wide basis. Our officers regularly meet University senior management including the Vice-chancellor. They lobby, negotiate and campaign on behalf of students. For example the successful negotiation of the five-day extension introduced at the onset of the pandemic. Our part-time Officers lead on our liberation campaigns: Women Students, Black, Asian and minority-ethnic students, LGBTQ+ Students and Disabled Students. 

2. Elections and referenda 

Any good democratic organisation must be directly accountable to its membership. Each March we elect our student leaders such as our officers, student council members and delegates for the annual National Union of Students  (NUS) Conference. We also go directly to our membership on specific questions via referendum in which any student can ask a question to the student body. If you want to ask a question in our next referenda please get in touch! 


3. The Advice Service 

LMSU's Advice Services is here to provide advocacy and support for students around your academic interests such as mitigation claims, appeals and complaints. Our expert advisers are there to help you when it matters. They also liaise with the University over changes to student regulations. 


4. Students Reps at course Level

Our cohort of trained Student Reps are there to be the voice of their fellow students at course level. Providing feedback, raising issues and engaging in ongoing dialogue and conversation in a spirit of 'student as partners' in their higher education. Find out who your Student Rep is on this page (you will need to log in)


5. Officer Meet and Greet meetings open to all members 

LMSU hold monthly Officer Meet and Greet meetings (see our Events page for details) where all students are welcome to meet their elected representatives, to find out what the Students' Union is up to, make your suggestions, share your ideas and to get to know your fellow students. We also hold regular all-members meetings.  


6. A direct say in University decision-making 

The Students' Union President and VP Education have seats on the University Board of Governors. This is a key platform in which the Students' Union advocates on behalf of students and works hard to represent student academic interests. 


7. Students as partners

In 2020-21 the Students’ Union worked together with the University and students to create the Student Partnership Agreement, an agreement between students, the Students’ Union and the University that outlines the values and underlying principles we all share and the approaches we will take when working together to create the best student experience for all students.  At the heart of the Student Partnership Agreement is a commitment to working in partnership with students.  This means ensuring students are involved in all levels of decision-making and in co-creating solutions as you complete your degree


For further information please see student voice at LMSU and if there is something we are not doing you want us to then get in touch via 



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