Our Policies

LMSU has several governance documents which explain how we work. As a registered charity, we are also bound by the law.

The documents that outline the governance of the Union are: 

LMSU also has a number of policies, which guide us in our decision making and how we act. 
Policies are a set of ideas or a plan of what to do in particular situations that have been approved by Trustees  or by students in either a referendum or Members Meeting.

Our current policies are listed below:

At LMSU we're led by our members – that means every single one of you can make a change to what we do, how we do it and who represents you.  One of the ways you can do this is by proposing a new policy.

Got an idea about something you want to change? 
Propose something on our Ideas Forum, suggest a referendum question or submit a motion to either Student Council or a Members Meeting.

If you've got any questions about policy or how to make change of your own then please get in touch with your full-time officer team, you can find their emails here.