Student Partnership Agreement












Student Partnership Agreement

In 2020-21 students, the Students’ Union and the University worked together to create a Student Partnership Agreement.


The Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) is an agreement between students, the Students’ Union and the University. It outlines the values and underlying principles we all share and the approaches we will take when working together to create the best student experience for all students.

Hear from Denise, one of our officers:


The five values together with the underlying principles for each are:


Fairness, Honesty and Transparency

  • Adopting an approach in all matters where fairness is a key guiding principle, recognising the different experiences and journeys of all students and staff, and how this is critical for inclusive leadership and decision making

  • Committing to being open and honest, even when that may involve difficult or challenging conversations, as both an institution and as individuals. Respect for one another is at the heart of all that students and staff do together

  • We are transparent, take responsibility and are held accountable for our actions and promises in everything we do


Collaborative and Creative  

  • Engaging students at every stage of their journey with us and recognise them as equal partners in decision-making at every level of the institution

  • Adopting a flexible and creative approach to the partnership, creating space and building meaningful ways for students to feel supported, engaged and enabled to take part as an equal voice


Mutual Respect and Kindness 

  • Creating and maintain an environment where everyone respects the values, beliefs and ideas of each other, and feels valued for their achievements, abilities, qualities and contributions

  • Committed to building a positive community where we demonstrate empathy and understanding for each other and where there are clear expectations about behaviours that ensure everyone feels safe, supported and valued


Liberation and Inclusion

  • Reflecting on our structures and teaching, both as individuals and collectively, to create an environment where all students can achieve their full potential

  • Committed to being fully inclusive, removing barriers and building a cohesive and harmonious community that sees difference as a strength


Success and Achievement

  • As an institution and as individuals, we are ambitious, setting high standards and striving for excellence in all we do

  • Creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential and ensure students are equipped with the skills and opportunities to transform their lives and careers.


At the heart of the Student Partnership Agreement is a commitment to working in partnership with students.  This means ensuring students are involved in all levels of decision-making and in co-creating solutions.


The Student Partnership also identifies the priority partnership projects that we will work on together.  These will be reviewed and updated each year. 


For 2021-22 the 3 priority partnership projects we will be working on are:


1. Mental Health 

  • Ensuring the provision of adequate support for students experiencing mental health difficulties

  • Adopting a holistic approach to promoting wellbeing and mental health for everyone at London Met


2. Student Voice 

  • Undertaking a comprehensive review to ensure strong, robust and coherent student voice systems and processes

  • Empowering students to be active partners in their learning experience


3. Employability

  • Creating more opportunities for students to develop skills that are responsive to student needs

  • Ensuring greater student involvement in the creation and delivery of those opportunities


The Student Partnership Agreement was approved by students at Student Council, the Board of Trustees for the Students’ Union and the University’s Academic Board and is now in place.

You can find out more about the Student Partnership Agreement here.


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