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1. In response to the Middle East Crisis, LMUSU and NUS (National Union of Students) stand united against terrorism, war, and violence, and we advocate for the adherence to international law. We believe that Israeli and Palestinian people deserve to live in peace, free from terrorism, occupation, violence, and fear. This crisis carries the risk of increased antisemitism, Islamophobia, and anti-Palestinian incidents in the UK, so it's a moment for us to support students, tackle hate-speech and abuse, and reduce tension on campus.

For students, we encourage leadership in promoting compassion, sensitivity, and humanity. It's essential to be generous in spirit to those reacting from a place of pain and fear. Educate yourself on how to discuss Israel and Palestine inclusively. Ensure that Jewish, Israeli, Muslim, and Palestinian students feel safe and welcome, and never hesitate to report antisemitism, Islamophobia, or anti-Palestinian abuse or violence. 

We also emphasise that hate speech, discrimination, and abuse should not be tolerated. If you witness such behaviours, consider bystander intervention if it's safe and you feel able to do so. You can directly intervene, distract, delegate to someone in authority, or document the incident. Approach the victim, offer assistance, and report the incident. Reporting is crucial, and you can do so through using our contact form or emailing us. In emergencies, call 999. 

2. We have been contacted by the police informing us that they are seeing a number of blackmail crime reports at the moment. Where Chinese students are being scammed out of considerable amounts of money up to 80 thousand pounds by fake Chinese authorities.

Please be aware of any communications on Telegram/WeChat that contain a realistic looking Chinese arrest warrant; they are told that to have the warrant removed they must pay X amount and the money is transferred via various types of money apps. 

If you need any support in regards to the above content please do contact us


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