Sexuality and Gender

University can be an opportunity of self discovery for many students, especially if you are living away from home. You might start to explore your gender identity or even start questioning your sexuality. Here at London Met we understand the value of a diverse community and we do NOT discriminate against people based on their gender identity and sexuality. 

You can also join the LGBTQIA+ Society and Forum for more support


Sexuality (or lack of) is a very personal experience for everyone and sexuality, much like gender, can be fluid and is on a spectrum. At London Met we accept every sexuality and we understand that it can be a very complex subject for individuals. It is okay not to know your sexuality and it is also okay to not have one as well as being sure of yourself! Everyone is different and university is a time for self discovery and reflection and we try to make our environment as non-judgemental as possible.


It is very important our trans and non-binary students feel welcomed, we have included useful information to support our students. It is important to educate yourself and familiarise yourself with different genders and gender expressions and remember to never assume someone's pronouns or gender identity. Gender, much like sexuality, is a spectrum and at London Met, we accept everyone no matter where they fit on that spectrum. 


Being respectful of someone's gender identity and gender expression.

Gender pronouns are the terms people choose to refer to themselves that reflect their gender identity. Please be mindful and remember that there are more pronouns than he/him and she/her. Other pronouns could include they/them, z/zem or even pronouns which are interchangeable such as she/they etc. If you do not know what pronouns to use for someone you can always ask them! Please do this in a respectful manner and ensure you are asking to make the person more comfortable and do so non-judgmentally. You can also pick up pin badges that have your pronouns on them at both our campuses so if you see someone wearing one of these pins then please use their preferred pronouns! To represent your pronouns digitally, you can put your pronouns in your email signature as well as use the pronoun feature on Blackboard. 

Misgendering or Misusing Pronouns

Misgendering or misusing pronouns intentionally or even unintentionally can be a very uncomfortable experience so please be respectful and use their preferred pronouns. If you misuse someone’s pronouns then the best thing to do is very politely apologise and correct yourself. Self correction is very important as it can be very draining and uncomfortable for members of the trans and non-binary community to keep reminding people. It is also important to correct your friends if they use the wrong pronouns for someone and to use someone's preferred pronouns even if they are not there! 


At present we only have two gender neutral toilets available for our students or staff members to use with plans for future campaigns in motion regarding more gender neutral toilets.

Current location of gender neutral toilets:

  • Harglenis Building Holloway - Students’ Union

  • Aldgate Students’ Union Office

The Student’s Union offers mixed and multi-gender sports groups, you are also able to compete in matches and/or competitions 

The following sports teams are mixed or multi-gender groups:


  • Volleyball


  • Archery

  • Badminton 

  • Cheerleading

Useful links & Support

If you would like additional support or information please contact us and we will be able to signpost you to the correct place. Additionally, you can look through the useful links to find further information.


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