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Here at London Met Students' Union, we recognise your time at university is not just about your academic achievements, your personal development is an integral part of your student journey.

Personal development allows us to grow as individuals, gaining various skills and knowledge which will be used to help you succeed within your future career.

Below we have listed a few links from the University that support your development and allow you to equip yourself with new skills and knowledge. These services will provide you with one-to-one support, tutorials, group sessions and being able to attend interactive events both on and off site

  • CVs, Cover Letters and Online Applications - The Careers and Employability team at the university have included a wonderful guide on how to write and prepare in advance for your future jobs

  • Career zone and Advice - Do you want to learn and develop skills that will help you in your future career? This is the best place to start

  • Student representative - You have the opportunity to be the lead representative of your class, you will be able to develop your leadership skills as well as your communication skills.

  • Academic societies - Are a collaboration between academics and students to bring a social aspect to their studies. It is a great networking opportunity as well as a great way to learn new things.

  • Students' Union - You can even get involved with volunteering opportunities at The SU, there is a range of positions an/or roles you can apply for. These roles range from Student trustee to sustainability representatives

  • Student Ambassadors - Being a Student Ambassador gives you the opportunity to improve your CV by gaining valuable work experience, while at the same time offering you various free training sessions, as well as the chance to make some extra money. Becoming an Ambassador improves your communication and presentation skills, as well as builds up your confidence.


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