Information for Candidates

Congratulations for applying to run in the LMSU Leaders Elections!  
The Information for Candidates page contains everything you need to know as a candidate in the elections, including all the resources and training materials, key forms and details about all the training and events taking place.
Remember that the Elections Team are here to support you through the election so don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.  You can email us at 

Candidate Info & Resources: 

Candidate Pack 2024 (including rules and regulations) - essential information for all candidates and their supporters. 

Campaigning Guide - everything you need to know about campaigning for votes - both in-person and online. 

LMSU Governing Documents (or 'constitution') - documents that explain how LMSU works. 

Tips on how to take a good candidate photograph - for the photo you need to upload with your manifesto 

Guidance for Candidate Question-time - this is the event taking place on Tuesday 27th February. See below for information. 

Guidance for Candidates on Social Media Takeover 

Candidate Data Protection Guidance 

Additional rules for current FT and PT Officers running as candidates or supporters

Candidate Training: 

Candidate Briefing - Presentation - presentation from our Candidate Briefing sessions.

Campaigning and Social Media Workshop - Presentation slides - presentation from our Campaigning and Social Media Workshop. 

Manifesto Writing Workshop - Presentation - presentation from our Manifesto Writing Workshop. Accompanying Manifesto template Word and PDF version. 

Candidate Forms: 

Trustee Declaration form - must be filled in by candidates for full-time roles i.e. President and VPs.  

EDI Monitoring form - all candidates - To be filled in by all candidates (optional). 

Pro-nouns, pronuciation and Disability Form - to be filled in by all candidates 

Complaints Form - In case anyone wishes to make an election-related complaint.

Complaints Record



Logos to go onto candidates publicity: 

LMSU logo and Recycle me logos


Important activities and events for Leaders Election candidates to attend: 

Candidate Briefings

All candidates must attend one of these briefings:

Wednesday 7th February 12:00-1:30pm - remote (login to this page for link) 

Tuesday 20th February 1:00-2:30pm - room BP2-22 Green Zone, Holloway Campus

Wednesday 21st February 5:00-6:30pm - remote (login to this page for link) 

Monday 26th February 5:00-6:30pm - remote (login to this page for link)  


Briefing for re-running Officers 

All candidates who are existing LMSU full or part-time officers must attend. Other candidates do not need to attend:

Thursday 15th February 12:00-1:00 - remote (login to this page for link)  

Campaigning and Social Media Workshop

All candidates must attend one of these Workshops:

Thursday 8th February 1.00-2.30pm: remote (login to this page for link)  

Wednesday 14th February 5.00-6.30pm - remote (login to this page for link)  

Friday 23rd February 1.00-2.30 - Room TM3-01, Yellow Zone, Roding Building

*Extra session*

Friday 23rd February 3.45-5.00pm - remote (login to this page for link)  



Manifesto Writing Workshops:

These workshops are optional but highly recommended:

Friday 9th February 3:00-4:00pm - remote (login to this page for link)  

Tuesday 13th February 5:00-6:00pm in room TM3-01, Yellow Zone, Roding Building, Holloway Campus 

Wednesday 14th February 1:00-2:00pm - remote (login to this page for link)   


Banner-making Workshops:

These workshops are optional but recommended:

Wednesday 21st February 1:00-2:00pm in Students' Union, Holloway 

Thursday 22nd February 12:00-1:00pm in Students' Union, Holloway 


Candidate Question-time Event 

All candidates must attend 

Tuesday 27th February 5.30-7.30 (candidates to arrive at 5:00pm) location - TMG58, Red Zone, Holloway Campus

Results Ceremony 

Friday 8th March 5.30pm in Holloway Students' Union 


Candidate welfare:

Standing in an election can be tiring and stressful at times.  Your welfare is our priority so please look after yourself during the elections and prioritise your own wellbeing over anything else.  If you need any support, please reach out to the Elections Team at


Support for candidates with a disability or long-term health condition:

LMSU is committed to providing as much support as we can to any student who may have a disability or long-term health condition to engage fully in the election process.  If you have any support or access needs, please reach out to Elections Team for a confidential discussion at



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