All registered students at London Met University are members of the Students' Union and can influence what the Students' Union does and get involved in our activities, events and services.

There are currently two types of membership:

  • Full membership

  • Associate membership


Full membership

If you are a student at London Met, you automatically become a full member of London Met Students' Union (LMSU) when you enrol. Membership is free of charge.

Full members are able to participate in every activity, event and service offered by LMSU. Additionally, only full members are entitled to participate in our democracy, for example by standing to be an elected officer, student trustee or voting in our elections.

You can opt-out of membership (or opt back in) by contacting If you have opted out of membership you will not be able to access some parts of our website, purchase online memberships to student groups and some events and most importantly you will not be able to vote in our elections.


Associate Membership

If you're:

  • A student at a London Met partnership college

  • A graduate/alumni of London Met

  • A current or former London Met Students’ Union or London Met University staff member

  • If you have another close connection to London Met University

then you may be eligible to join the Students' Union by becoming an Associate Member.


Being an Associate Member opens up a whole range of benefits for you including:

  • The ability to apply to join any of our societies, student media outlets and liberation forums in the Students' Union

  • Access to our events, services, activities and training

  • Access to our facilities, including our social spaces 

  • Receiving the monthly student email newsletter keeping you up-to-date with news and events at London Met


Becoming an Associate Member is an easy three-step process:

  1. Simply apply to become an Associate Member using this form ensuring you submit the necessary evidence as part of your application 

  1. Once your application has been reviewed and approved you will be sent instructions on how to create a guest account on our website and instructions on how to pay the Associate Membership Fee.  We aim to do this within 14 working days of receiving an application. 

  1. Once you have set up your guest account, pay the Associate Membership fee following the instructions sent to you.


The conditions of Associate Membership are:

  1. Associate Members are subject to LMSU’s Code of Conduct which protects the membership and sets out expected behaviours of all who engage in the Union. Any laws of the land and rules of the University may also apply

  2. Associate Members are not eligible to vote in any Students' Union elections, including any society/student media elections

  3. Associate members are not eligible to stand for or hold any elected position within LMSU

  4. Associate Members are eligible to join registered student groups (societies, student media and liberation forums), subject to the conditions of membership of such student groups, which may include the requirement to pay a membership fee.  Associate members are not however allowed to represent the Union as a member of those student groups

  5. Associate Members are able to utilise the social facilities administered by the Union, including attending any events, activities or training run by the Union, subject to the conditions of entry in place.  This may include the requirement to purchase tickets

  6. Associate Membership is subject to an approval process and payment of an Associate Membership Fee (£20).  A reduced fee (£10) is payable for anyone applying for an Associate Membership for only 1 semester.  The fee is for Union membership only. It does not cover membership fees to individual student groups or for ticketed activities, training and events where these apply.

  7. Associate Membership is valid for 1 academic year (1st Sep to 31st Aug).  Anyone who wishes to continue their Associate Membership beyond the academic year in which they were granted Associate Membership will need to apply again for each year that they wish to remain an Associate Member

  8. Associate Membership can be suspended or withdrawn in the event of an Associate Member failing to comply with the requirements and conditions of Associate Membership, the LMSU Code of Conduct and any laws of the land and rules of the University that apply

If you experience any issues in the opt-in or opt-out process on the website, contact the website team at 


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