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Getting involved with your Students' Union is a great way to have fun, try new things, help create change and meet people but it's also a fantastic opportunity to develop new skills.

At LMSU we know that one of your main reasons for coming to London Met is to improve your career prospects and get ready for what comes next, which is why our new strategy includes a promise to help you be more employable.

We've got U!
Have a look below at some of the things you can get involved in that will help you develop new skills, boost your confidence and really make your CV stand out.

Student Groups

Leading a Student Group isn’t just a great way to explore new interests and meet new people at Uni - but it helps equip you with the skills employers look for!

Our Student Groups offer the chance to get involved with student-led activities on and off campus, and cover a variety of areas; from interest and community Societies, to competitive Sports clubs, and hands-on experience through Verve Media.

Whether you’re a leader or a member of a Student Group, you can develop your soft skills in communication, people skills, and public speaking. But you also develop more in-demand skills - don’t take our word for it, here’s what our Student Group Leaders had to say:


  • 87.5% learnt skills in decision making and leadership
  • 75% learnt skills in confidence and time management
  • 50%+ learnt skills in working in a team, networking, flexibility, problem solving, working cross culturally

Not convinced?
Check out our employability webinar with the Careers and Employability team, here.

You can start your own Student Group here, or join a Student Group by heading here.


Student Voice

Getting involved in Student Voice within the Students’ Union is a great way to develop new skills. Our Student Reps are provided with significant training which covers skills such as communication, negotiation, public speaking, confidence and assertiveness. By being a Student Rep, you will get to know the University from a different perspective and have the opportunity to develop key employability skills such as building professional working relationships. 


Student Reps are also offered our ‘advanced training’ programme. This is a more in-depth look at leadership and communication, working with data and diversity and inclusion. These skills will not only help you in your role as Student Reps, but also equip you with key skills which employers are looking for in the graduate labour market. 


Getting involved in the Student Council is a great way to develop and improve knowledge of internal governance, decision-making, democratic procedures and more transferable skills such as negotiation, organisation, how to frame and argument and public-speaking skills. In particular, taking a leadership role on the Student council such as chair or deputy-chair is a great way to improve your leadership and organisation skills.



The London Met Careers and Employability Service are available to help students and recent graduates develop the knowledge, skills and experience they need to become confident about making informed decisions to enable you to build a rewarding career. You can find more about it on our dedicated page here.


They have a lot of great ressources and informations and you can find some pages covering key skills below:


Other Opportunities

But that’s not all! You can keep an eye on additional volunteering opportunities here.

We also have employment opportunities within the Union throughout the year, from assistant roles to receptionists; you can keep an eye on our paid opportunities here.


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