Advice Service Mission, Purpose, Scope and Objectives

Purpose, mission statement, scope and objectives


To provide accessible and independent advice, representation and support to students, informing the representative work of the Students’ Union and working in partnership with the University to improve the student experience

Mission statement

To be there when you need us. To be there so you don’t need us.


The Advice Service will:

Provide individual advice, support and representation to students at London Met in the following areas:

  • Complaints Appeals
  • Academic misconduct
  • Mitigating Circumstances
  • Student conduct
  • Problems with your course


Provide students with comprehensive resources information and basic advice on a range of issues that affect students.

Run campaigns and initiatives that raise student awareness of the service and key issues that affect the student body.

Inform and support the wider representative work of the Students’ Union and elected officers, who will not undertake individual casework themselves.

Provide development opportunities to students through paid part-time work and volunteering Objectives.

To be the first port of call for students who need help during their time at London Metropolitan University.

To deliver a high quality professional and independent advice service to students at London Met that has a positive impact on the experience of students.

To provide students accurate information, and options in order to allow them to make an informed decision and support them throughout the whole process, from the start to the end of their issue.

To be an equitable, accessible and inclusive service that all students are able to engage with and benefit from regardless of their circumstances.

To be responsive to student feedback, adapting and developing to best meet student need.

To attract new students, improve retention rates and contribute to overall student satisfaction and a positive student experience.

To work in partnership with the University to improve policies and practices that affect the student experience.

To provide evidence-based support for the Students’ Union’s representative work and strengthen the student voice in University decision-making.

To maintain expert knowledge of of all University policies, procedures and practices relating to student advice and support and relevant legislation, policy and best practice in the advice sector to ensure that the service is relevant and all advice is accurate and appropriate


Harglenis Building

166-220 Holloway Road

London, UK

N7 8DB

United Kingdom

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Old Castle Street

London, UK

E1 7NT

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Opening Hours

Mondays to Fridays: 10am-5pm

The Students' Union is physically closed for Summer, if you want to contact us please e-mail or leave us an answerphone message on 020 7133 4171. E-mails will be picked up quicker by the team than answerphone messages.