Sexual Violence and Harassment

Trigger warning: this page contains sensitive language and content that might be triggering and upsetting to some.  

What is it? 

Sexual Violence or Sexual Harassment is defined by Rape Crisis England and Wales as any unwelcome sexual behaviour that makes someone feel upset, scared, offended or humiliated or is meant to make them feel that way.  

It is never a compliment; it is about power and intimidation. 

This can include: 

  • Attempted or completed rape and/or sexual assault 

  • Pressuring somebody into engaging in sexual acts/favours 

  • Deliberate and unwanted touching 

  • Unwanted sexual gestures, looks or intrusive staring 

  • Taking a photo or video under another person's clothing – what is known as 'upskirting'.  

  • Sending unwanted emails, texts or DMs of a sexual nature 

  • Intrusive questions, name-calling, jokes or remarks of a sexual nature (e.g. constantly asking someone about their sexual preferences.) 

  • Making comments about someone’s body, appearance or what they’re wearing 

  • Indecent exposure, including ‘cyber-flashing’ (sending explicit pictures of oneself without consent.) 

  • Unwanted physical contact in a sexual manner (e.g. brushing up against someone.) 

  • Stalking and online harassment  


We have a zero-tolerance approach at London Met to any and all forms of sexual violence, including sexual harassment. No one deserves sexual violence or abuse. It is never the victims’ fault. Blame always lies with the perpetrator. 

The Students' Union and The University have Safeguarding policies in place to protect everyone, this applies to all our students, staff, applicants, volunteers, visitors and anyone that represents the Union and University. The policy also applies to face-to-face activities and activities delivered online.  

You can find out more information about both Safeguarding Policies by clicking on the links below: 

Students' Union Safeguarding Policy 

The University's Safeguarding Policy 

If you experience sexual violence or harassment or know someone who has within the University, you can report it to a member of staff, a relevant staff member found on the University’s Safeguarding webpage, or by filling out a Safeguarding Concern Reporting Form. If you fill in the form, you must also contact a staff member.  

Sexual violence impacts everyone in different ways. Regardless of how you are coping right now, this will be a natural response for you; there is no right or wrong way to cope. We highly encourage you to seek support however you are feeling. 


You can find external sources of support under Gender-based violence in our External Support Services or visit the tab Get Help on this page. 


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