As defined by the university, a complaint is “a formal expression of dissatisfaction with any alleged act or omission of the University by a student, former student, applicant or any other user of the University’s services.”


The University has a large community of students engaged in activities of an academic and non-academic nature and there may be instances where students are dissatisfied with some aspect of the activities they engage with. If this happens, matters of dissatisfaction must be raised as quickly as possible.


Your complaint might relate to several different things, including:

  • Discrimination, bullying or harassment 

  • Actions or perceived lack of action by a member of University staff 

  • Inadequate services or facilities within the University.


Complaints will be handled with an appropriate level of confidentiality, with information released only to those who need it for investigating or responding to the complaint. 



You are encouraged and expected to raise any problems or issues as soon as the action or omission occurs and no later than 3 months of the problem or issue occurring.


Students currently enrolled or being assessed by the University may complain individually or as part of a group. But complaints will be responded to individually. In these circumstances the group is advised to appoint a group representative (but no more than two) to facilitate communications.


The steps procedure is:



The Students’ Union is here to assist you with the Complaints procedure and associated questions. We can talk to you about the merits of your complaint and provide you with feedback on your statement and the appropriate supporting evidence.


We will help you make sense of the University’s response to your complaint, and assist you to move to the next stage of the procedure if you are dissatisfied with their decision.


We can assist with complaints, associated questions, and procedural advice at each stage of the Complaints Procedure.


Just e-mail our advisor at   

The University has an official Complaints Regulations and Procedure for your reference.




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