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Welcome to the brand new student ideas platform from your Students’ Union

We want to hear from you!
As a student-led organisation, we are always keen to hear about your ideas.

Even though we’re all at home right now, your ideas don’t have to stop. You may want to submit an idea on how to improve your online teaching experience or an idea for when we're all back on campus (hopefully, very soon!). 
We welcome any ideas, whether your idea is about making Met SU better, an idea we can campaign on or a change you want to see within the university, add your idea here today!

How the process works:

  • Any student can submit an idea via this ideas platform
  • Once you submit an idea it will go live here for 30 days
  • During the 30 days, every student will have the opportunity to ask you questions about your idea and make constructive comments
  • Every student will then have the option to vote for which ideas they want to see taken forward. If you think the idea is great and should be implemented, please vote up this idea. If you do not like the idea, you can vote the idea down. This is one way that you can influence what your Students’ Union does!
  • You can add comments to each idea if you have a question about the idea, or even have an idea about how the suggestion can be improved!
  • Once an idea receives a minimum of 16 votes it will be assigned to an Officer, who will investigate how the idea can be implemented and will work to get changes made, where possible.

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