Students' Union President

Chrystalle Margallo

I studied Diplomacy and International relations. I enjoyed my course and gained a lot of insight into politics and diplomacy. Last year, I was elected as the Full-time Officer for Social Science and Social Professions, 

The university helped me grow not just intellectually but also as a person. I am looking forward to studying my postgraduate and doctorate, one day, at LMU; but also offer my skills to the university in due time. 

At first I did not know what I was going to stand for during the elections, however it was an opportunity to help students and contribute to the change the union was and continues to make in student life. This was a mission I wanted to be a part of, and two years after, here I am, now the president.

My favourite thing about London Met is is talking to students. Getting to know the student body and understanding the issues helps me plan what my goals should be according to their needs. Hearing what excellent practices are being carried out within the institution also ensures this continues and spreads these good practices.


Phone: 0207 133 4171




Chrystalle Margallo