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Kerrie Draghi - VP Equity & Welfare

Kerrie Draghi- LMSU OfficerHello! My name is Kerrie Draghi and I’m a part-time MA student for Creative, Digital and Professional Writing. This year, I will be your Vice-president of Equity and Welfare. Before joining London Metropolitan University last September, I volunteered at and raised money for Women's Aid, a charity that supports women who have experienced domestic abuse. This is where I found my passion in social activism and empowering/supporting other women.

Before applying for the role, I was a student ambassador for Our Streets Now, during which I wrote and published documents for The Advice Service on drink-spiking and sexual harassment, hosted fundraiser bake sales on both campuses for Planned Parenthood and the Women and Girls Network, and successfully lobbied the University's Vice-Chancellor to sign the pledge to agree to say that London Met will not use NDAs to silence those who report sexual violence at the university.

As your Equity & Welfare Officer, I am dedicated to fighting for our rights and doing what I can to help make this world a fairer place for us to live in.


Why did I run for this position?
I ran for VP Equity and Welfare because I feel very passionate about equality/feminism, and doing what I can to help create a world where everyone is treated equally and has the proper freedom to be who they are without the threat of violence.
Running for this position felt like the perfect opportunity for me to create the change I want to see and have a meaningful and positive impact on students' lives.


What am I working on this year?

This year, I hope to work on lots of campaigns and events relating to the issues that students from marginalised groups face on a daily basis. A large part of this means listening to students and proactively working with you on the issues that matter to your equality and wellbeing.
This year, I will work to help make our campuses a safer and more supportive environment for all students.
My aim is to help create a community at London Metropolitan where all students can be empowered/supported and have their voices heard and respected.


Email me at su.eandw@londonmet.ac.uk


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