Candidate for the position of Full-time Officer - Guildhall School of Business and Law & Human Sciences



Experience Makes Things Better


My name is Jadesola Fakoya. I am a final year Law student standing for election for the GSBL, and Human Sciences Full time Officer position.

When people meet me they would describe me as being direct, approachable, honest, funny and hard working.

I believe these attributes will assist in being best person to represent the interests of the GSBL, and Human Sciences students.

I am running on the basis that experience and hard work helps people be the best they can be; after all, when employers are asked for the best candidate they often want the person with the most experience and a good work ethic.
I have previously been Women’s Forum Chair and BME Students Forum Chair at my previous university, Staffordshire University. As chair of both these forums, I have experience working with NUS, I have experience leading campaigns and liaising with a university on behalf of students, multiple external agencies (finding funding, collaborating on campaigns etc.)I have experience working with the SU to assist students with issues they might have with the university.

I also have previous experience as Secretary of Staffordshire Uni ACS. I have experience working in a team to create fun events such as the 90s’ party, Rep your Country etc. and also working with other ACSs to create educational events that look at BME issues. This experience encouraged me to become the aforementioned chairs.


How would I use this experience?

  • To use resources of the SU to further benefit the interests of GSBL, and Human Sciences students.


  • To create and run campaigns that encourage the wellbeing and betterment of all students of LMU, such as having a sexual health week where students are tested for STI/STDs and helped to remove these conditions if they have them.


  • To speak to students and find out what type of SU they want and how they wish to achieve it, by having more dialogue between students and the SU, whose purpose it is to represent them.


  • To advertise how the SU can mediate between the university and the students; this is after all, this is one of main purposes of the SU.


I would love to use this position to further my experience working with an SU and use my previous experience to represent the interests of student of LMU.


Please vote for me!