Candidate for the position of Student Council Member 2019-20

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Katy Flaherty

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Standing for Part-Time Officer for the Guildhall School of Business and Law

& Student Council Member

I am 21 years old from the North of England.

I am currently a First Year studying Events Management. This year I am a Student Rep and I sit on the Student Council.

My Passion and Skills

I want to be your Part-Time Officer for the GSBL because I believe we can make real positive changes to this University and who better to make these changes for the students than a student themselves.

I have a breadth of experience involving communication and public speaking. Before, London Met I studied Acting at Drama School where I gained the confidence and skills to effectively present myself in front of others.

My friends would describe me as being creative and passionate,  even my degree is centred around creating something for others to enjoy which is exactly what I would bring to these roles.

Bring some Unity to this Community

The separate campuses have created a divide. Living away from home can be difficult, coming to University should be fun yet calm, a place for you to learn, engage and socialise. Even if you live with your family, University should be a space for you.

  • I wish to create events that bring people together, where no one feels excluded

  • Encourage people to talk to others outside of their classes

  • I wish for people to feel comfortable to talk to others and to look out for one another

Sustainability Success

The environment is precious, we all have a job to do to reduce our impact. There are things we as students can do but also the University too. London Met is doing their bit but I think we can do more!

  • Arrange events centered around sustainability for students e.g clothes swapping, continue Green Week events

  • Provide talks and presentations from guest speakers about living more sustainably

  • Encourage the University to do more e.g water and carbon reduction, energy sources, sustainable food and its packaging

Every Penny Helps

Being a student can be expensive and even more so studying in London. I want to propose some changes to help everyone.

  • Create a system for graduating students to sell on their books to current students to reduce prices and declutter

  • Provide £10  free printer credits for those starting in the first year

  • Work with the university to reduce prices of food and drink at University

  • Negotiate discussions with outside organisations to provide more discounts for students e.g Student housing, books, stationery, food, travel