Candidate for the position of NUS Conference Delegates 2019



"Don't Mourn... Organize!"

My name is Hassan Haji, Current Architecture Student from the ALdgate campus. I want to be your NUS Delegates this year because I want to represent London Mets values at a national level. The NUS is an incredibly important institution which is fighting against many issues on many fronts to help rescue our education from the Government and it is vital that London Met is part of the fight for free and liberated education.

In this time of political uncertainty over Brexit, international students are becoming subject to an increase in anti-migrant rhetoric, poorer students are being forced into unstable housing and every single student having their education markeTed and privatized by the Government. 

The current political climate hangs over the student movement like a black cloud, with an undeniable rise in racist and fascist organizations, however, in the words of socialist Bill Haywood, "Don't Mourn... Organize!". The NUS is an important part of this organizing process and therefore, it is important that London Met has it's say at the NUS Conference 2017. 

If I am elected, I will ensure that student’s voices are heard by communicating with both students and the SU team about the campaigns and issues they care about. This includes voting for the representatives that students want on the committee as well as consulting on the policy and reports that students feel best to represent their interests. This includes consulting with liberation groups and voting for campaigns that aim to liberate both our education and our political sphere.

I believe that London Met needs strong political representation at the NUS Conference this year and needs to prioritize these campaigns in order to help build a radical student movement. I hope you entrust me with your vote so we can help put London Met at the forefront of this fight and help liberate our education system.