Candidate for the position of LGBTQ+ Officer



Stand with me!

Being an LGBT+ Officer is not just about being in charge and having say on what you believe but also on what matters and the queer experience I have faced in my life with my transistion from female to male has made me realise that my experiences can help move people in the right direction. Get support for those who need it, make a change and stand against hate crimes and the daily mistreatment that LGBT+ young people face out there in the world. With this amazing position i hope to help change lives and make it better for students who identify as such. I know how scary it is to come out and accept who you are; we all share that same worry in our lives as LGBT+ people. Please support me in this journey of making a change and a stand agianst transphobia, homophobia and all out ignorance, so that we can study and build our lives in peace and harmony.  

Thank you and please vote! :)