Candidate for the position of Full-time Officer - CASS & Computing and Digital Media

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Jessica Hoarau

Re-elect Jessica!

Hi! I’m Jessica, and I am currently your Full Time Officer for the CASS.  
Last year I was elected as the CASS Full Time Officer. Each day I am learning and gaining more knowledge about my school, my role and myself. I love representing my school and working with and on behalf of my fellow students. I would love to have the opportunity to continue to represent not just the students of CASS and CDM but all students across the university.  
Since being elected I have: 
-Monitored a charity pop up stall at both the Holloway and Aldgate campus, enabling students to purchase clothes cheaply whilst raising money for local charities such as the Islington Food Bank and the Mental Health Foundation.  
-Lobbied for permanent exhibition and media space at Holloway and Aldgate (ongoing).  
-United various CASS and CDM subjects by providing a platform to collaborate on projects and events.  
-Helped provide more awareness and facilities for the Aldgate campus Students’ Union.  
-Ran themed events throughout the year to celebrate International Women’s Day and Black History Month.  
-Implemented drinks discounts for Sea of Red members on game days.  
-Worked alongside colleagues to help deliver a successful Varsity.  
-Provided opportunities for fellow students to achieve fundraising and exhibition goals.   
-Work on a report for KWAF and having students actively involved in the campaign. (ongoing)  
-Contributed to the sustainability of the Students’ Union by providing 500 students with recyclable and biodegradable coffee cups. Also by reducing the amount of plastic provided to students from sanitary products.  
-Represented students at various NUS events, committees and meetings.  
If I am re-elected, I would continue to work on the development of current projects such as the exhibition/media space at both Holloway and Aldgate campus as well as the other points previously made. 
I aim to:

 -Increase the student union presence at the Aldgate campus, by ensuring there is always a member of Student Union staff present Monday- Friday 10-5 for students to access. 
-Unite more CASS and SCDM students through events and collaborations and potential module collaborations.  
-Promote participation and development within the Students’ Union.  
-Bring more activity and events to the Aldgate campus and expand the Students' Union community.
-Improve the three key themes; student voice, activity, and infrastructure. 
-Ensure that students are aware of the Students’ Union and how they can utilise the facilities and support provided.  
-Look at developing bursaries and extension deadlines to help develop extra support for the students.  
-Continue to work with fellow students on hosting and fundraising for exhibitions across campuses.  
I feel from the past year I have gained knowledge and experience to represent and serve the CASS, SCDM and the rest of the university to my full potential and continue to promote and create positive change for students. I will continue to put my passion and enthusiasm into my work ensuring that the students of London Met have a memorable and positive university experience like I did.